The Role of Typography in Photography Website Design: Choosing the Right Fonts

by | Apr 4, 2023 | Typography | 0 comments

Before you can grasp the real role and importance of typography in photography website design, you should know first what typography is. That way, you will be able to appreciate its importance even more.

In general, typography is all about the appearance or style of lettering. Believe it or not, it affects the experience of the one looking at it. Newspapers, manuscripts, books, flyers, pamphlets, and other printed materials need to have good typography. Imagine a bright and sunny picture for a children’s book having a chiller font on it – not a good sight to see. It is the same with photography website design – contrasting images and fonts can be disastrous unless you would like to convey a certain idea.

Good typography in photography website design includes the following:

  • suitable typefaces and fonts
  • typographical emphasis
  • white space
  • alignment
  • color

By this time, you should be able to weigh the importance of typography n photography web design. Take a look at its role in website design.

Typography in Photography Website Design Creates and Builds Familiarity

To create and build familiarity or recognition, you need to remain consistent when using certain typefaces and fonts in your images. That way, your audience will recall the fonts that you usually use in your images. They will be able to associate them with your brand or website and remember your business or company.

It Demonstrates the Weight of Information

Bigger, bolder fonts usually convey to the audience the importance of a certain matter. It tells the audience to take notice of it first because it is something they need to know right away.

It Helps Create Continuity and Harmony

Websites that use different fonts for similar types of content tend to look chaotic and cluttered. Imagine reading through or looking at content with different typefaces and fonts for the body – you feel dizzy, don’t you? It’s fine to see a bigger font size for subheadings, but not in the body of the content.

Using different fonts in a paragraph eliminates harmony, which is one of the important features of the design. To create continuity and harmony, be consistent in using the fonts that you have decided to use for the headings, subheadings, and body of your content. The same principle applies to the images that you use. It is important to be careful in using typography in photography to avoid breaking the harmony in design.

It Shows Professionalism

If you want your audience to take you seriously, you need a website that exudes professionalism. The right choice of fonts can help you do that. You may choose to use Arial, which is categorized as mature and stable, when you want to appear as an expert they can rely on. Simple and legible fonts are the best options when you want to demonstrate professionalism or show your expertise on a certain matter.

It Draws the Attention of the Viewers or Readers

The fonts that are legible and go well with the theme of the subject will surely attract the attention of the target audience. It is also important to consider the color of the font to use. A white-colored font against a light-colored background will definitely be difficult to read.

Don’t take the importance and role of typography in photography website design for granted. It can help you more than you can imagine.